Forspoken flops, Halo on the ropes and Marvel's Avengers Disassembled | This Week In Videogames

Skill Up
Skill Up
Published on 24.01.2023

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• Layoffs
• Facebook & Amazon
• Google - 12k
• Unity:
• Riot: confirmed 46 people across,a total of 46 Rioters."
• Microsoft layoffs:
• Announcement:
• Statement from Phil:'s head of gaming,workforce (around 10,000 people).
• 343
• Joe Staten:
• Leadership:
• Publishing Rumours:
• Statement from 343:
• Ubisoft:
• Results:
• Yves:
• Strike threat:
• Yves apologies:
• AC Mirage:
• SquareEnix
• NFTs:
• Yuji Naka:
• FFVII Remake Xbox:
• Avengers disassemble:
• Battlefield Classes: return to the Class system will shake up how,you play throughout your matches.
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