Cult of the Lamb: Doom & Shroom

Published on 16.03.2023

This woolly guy isn’t sheepish when it comes to bringing in more Cult of the Lamb followers. He can’t be: whenever The Lamb leaves camp, the goal is always to bring back at least one more Cult of the Lamb follower. It’s doubly important when your one true love can leave this world at a moment’s notice. Of course… that’s when you just quickly have yourself a Cult of the Lamb marriage. Look, when you’ve got the power, you can pretty much do what you want.

The thing is that some supporters can turn nasty when they think your Cult of the Lamb is poop. They might just start calling it Cult of the Lamb Poop… and then want to eat poop and… it becomes a whole thing. Then you’ve got yourself a Cult of the Lamb dissenter, and no one needs that; not I, not ewe. It’s time for a mass Cult of the Lamb sacrifice, baby!

Produced by Tom Jenkins, Ben Michael & Blake Swift
Written, Scored & Sound Designed by Blake "ShadyVox" Swift (
Storyboard, Layout, Design, Colour, Backgrounds, Direction & Animation by Jan F. Sorrentino (

Additional Animation & Clean-Up by:
Anastasia Sheri Maria Kulczytzky Spruill (
AnimatedZorox (
Mitzuko "Kukomitzu" Sashida (
Jenny "Zanny" Polden (
Esau A. "LDranzer" Munoz (
Daniele "DZAladan" Zanchi (

Voice of Lamb, Mouse, Horse & Axolotl by Blake Swift
Voice of Pig, Otter & Stag by Jan F. Sorrentino
Voice of Dog by Robin Nelson (
Voice of Cat by Anna Chloe Moorey (
Voice of Eligos by James Muckle (
Voice of Rabbit by Bryony Goessens
Voice of Wolf by Michael Nocturnel (
Voice of Deer by Anna Kingsley (
Voice of Frog by Ed Templer (
Voice of Fennec by Stuart Winton (

AE Research by RockingScorpion (
CG by Stuart Winton
Compositing by Jan Animation Studios

Prop Design by:
TaffyTwist (
Jan F. Sorrentino
Hieu Tran (

VFX by:
Esau A. "LDranzer" Munoz
Jenny "Zanny" Polden
Jan F. Sorrentino

Special Thanks to Narayana Johnson


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Runtime 00:08:20

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